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Email Archiving Solution with ArcTitan

For most businesses, email has become a fundamental part of the daily work process and communications. Email archives are used to keep your business in the event of legal action and to keep you in line with industry obedience standards. Various experts from different industry sectors, for example, the authorized and financial sector, are either ignorant that they have to archive their emails and what can happen when there is no archiving system set up.

ArcTitan is an email archiving product which permits clients to safely archive your association’s emails and basically recover these archived emails. With ArcTitan your clients can accumulate and access email as per requirement, with usual back up, which means no tape machines/ discs or off-site storage is required and no inquiry with regards to data recovery.

Email Archiving Solution with ArcTitan

ArcTitan highlights an immediate search and recovery device that has a load execution of over 200 emails for each second from your email server, which means your messages are filed and retrievable immediately.

Organizations working in the profoundly managed industry can similarly profit by using ArcTitan. The system permits you to characterize maintenance guidelines to remain entirely consistent with HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, SOX, and different guidelines for email inspecting, e-revelation, and maintenance.

Benefits of using ArcTitan

1. Looking for documented emails easily from within an Outlook email customer thanks to the Outlook plugins, and incorporating Office 365 and Google to upgrade the end user experience.

2. Discover archived emails rapidly utilizing the ‘Simple Search’ or “Expert Search” alternatives and save consistently utilized searches for rehash use. Searches can be set up to run consequently at scheduled times with results sent simply to the clients email inbox.

3. Advantage from high data protection and security principles with scrambled copies of each email saved safely and a tamper-evident review trail consequently created.

4. Guarantee that consistency is handled and adhered to with protection for Industry Standards Compliance, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and other consistency measures. 5. Transfer, import, and export data with ArcTitan’s open standards data storage and transfer feature. Import data from current devices, for example, MS Exchange, Google Apps, and then some, and fare messages safely to EML, PDF, MSG and that’s just the beginning.

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